Signatures Needed To Demand Justice & Maximum Sentence For Man Who Left More Than 100 Animals Out In The Freezing Cold!

Photo from RISPCA

As reported by WAN last month, in what turned out to be Rhode Island’s largest animal abuse case of the year, officials found and rescued more than 100 animals from a property where they were being forced to live in squalor and freezing temperatures.

As per the police, approximately 24 dogs, several newborn puppies, as well as approximately 40 ducks, chickens and roosters, 40 rabbits and 10 goats were found in “deplorable and inadequate living conditions at the property owned by 59-year-old Carlos Alves.

The area was lined with feces, the animals had little more than boxes as shelter and there was no bedding or insulation to keep the animals warm during the brutal winter.

Even their most basic needs were missing. When officials arrived their water bowls were either frozen or empty.

The suspect has been charged with two misdemeanor offenses of animal mistreatment and cruelty. The charges carry up to $1,000 dollar fine and nearly a year in prison, however, it is likely that the man will receive a much lighter sentence.

This is unacceptable!

“At 59 years of age, this man knows very well how one should and shouldn’t treat living things,” states a Care2 petition.

If this is the state’s largest animal cruelty case of the year, then they should send a message and ensure that this animal abuser faces the full sentence for his crimes.

People are encouraged to sign the petition telling the RI State Police to demand the maximum penalty so justice is served for the abused and neglected animals of Exeter, Rhode Island. SIGN HERE!

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