Signatures Needed To Help Pass Unprecedented Law Banning Convicted Animal Abusers From Owning Guns In Illinois

It is not news that there are many studies that indicate that people who are convicted of animal cruelty are most-likely predisposed to perpetrate violent crimes against people as well.

The Illinois State Crime Commission and its executive director Jerry Elsner are trying to do something to prevent this from ever happening again in their state.

As with federal and state laws that prohibit people convicted of domestic violence to legally own a gun, Eisner and the commission believe the same penalty should apply to anyone convicted of animal abuse.

Sadly, Elsner, who explained that this was not a gun issue but rather a public safety one, did not need to look far for an example to substantiate this concept while recently advocating for new legislation.

He only had to point to the beginning of last month and Deven Kelley, the alleged murderer of 26 church-goers In Sutherland Springs, Texas, who claimed to have purchased animals online to use as target practice before his senseless shooting rampage.


This undated photo provided by the Texas Department of Public Safety shows Devin Kelley, the suspect in the shooting at the First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, Texas, on Sunday, Nov. 5, 2017. 

“An animal abuser is similar to a pedophile. There really is not a cure for it. It just gets worse. They pose a risk to our society,” he noted in a recent report on NPR. “They almost go hand in hand. They torture animals, and then they move up. They move up to the ranks of serial killers.”

The first-of-its-kind law in the nation, if passed, those convicted of abusing an animal in the State of Illinois would be denied a Firearm Owners ID card, or have their current license revoked.

Gun violence is a serious epidemic in the United States that needs to end. We must take immediate action on gun safety, and prohibit those with a propensity towards violence from buying guns to cause harm to people or animals.

Please sign this Care2 petition requesting that Illinois pass this important gun law, setting an example for other states across the country to do the same HERE!

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