Signatures Needed! Help Save Eleven Seals That Live In A Pool Only 2.5 Feet Deep At A Seaside Aquarium In Oregon


The Seaside Aquarium in Seaside, Oregon, stands around 100 yards from the Pacific Ocean. The sounds of the waves echo against its facade and visitors come and go with sand on their feet. But that short 300-foot walk to the sea might as well be 1,000 miles for the 11 harbor seals that the aquarium holds captive.

One of Seaside Aquariums biggest draws are these 11 helpless seals that live in a small pool-like enclosure, perhaps 8×5 feet and no deeper than 2.5 feet. Tourists can see them in their miserable tank, and for a small fee, purchase a tray of fish to feed them. The poor seals clap and howl competing for the few bits of fish they are offered to share between the 11 of them. According to one aquarium worker, during the summer this is their main source of food.

This is not the way it should be for these beautiful marine mammals, or the several other animals that unfortunately call the aquarium home. Seals for one are extremely intelligent social beings that need stimulation to live a healthy, normal life. In the wild, these animals have the entire ocean to call their home, but at Seaside, they barely have a pool, let alone enough space to swim, which can’t even compare to their natural habitat just 300 feet away.

Seaside Aquarium defends their facilities saying that they are governed by USDA standards. But these rules are clearly minimum standards, and even if they aren’t breaking our laws, they are breaking the rules of nature by forcing the seals to live in captivity for their entire lives.

It’s time Seaside recognized that it is unacceptable to imprison marine mammals and use them as tourist traps to line their pockets.

Please sign this Care2 petition and ask Seaside Aquarium officials to give the seals to a sanctuary where they can live the rest of their life in peace. SIGN HERE!

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