Signatures Needed On Petition As Anger Mounts After Footage of Endangered White Rhino Forced To Perform In Russian Circus Goes Viral!

Photo from Steep TV

The shocking footage that emerged last week of an endangered white rhino forced to perform in a Russian circus has angered many animal lovers around the world.

White rhinos are already struggling to survive due to poaching and loss of habitat. How is it that this animal is being enslaved in circuses as well?

According to Independent, it is believed that the footage of the rhino was taken from the Russian State Circus, while another clip suspected of capturing the same rhino, is thought to be from the Safari Circus in Moscow.

In the footage, the rhino, which they believe is named Mafa, is forced to perform tricks inside the circus ring and parade around while carrying a man on its back. As if that wasn’t already hard enough to watch, you can see the ringmaster whip the defenseless animal over and over again.

“To see the animal in this circumstance when you’ve seen one in the wild is utterly incongruent,” stated Chris Draper, of the Born Free organization. “Not only is it being exposed to substantial noise, but the use of the whip is wrong. They would say it doesn’t hurt, but if that’s the case why use it at all?”

Although rhinos are rarely seen in circuses, it also comes as a surprise since wild animals have gradually been phased out from performing due to years of protest about cruel training methods, and unnatural living conditions they’re forced to endure.

While looking into these circuses in Russia, WAN was appalled to find that Safari Circus in Moscow uses exotic animals. As displayed on their website, Kangaroos with chains around their necks, wearing boxing gloves, are set up in a boxing ring sparing with a human. There are also photos of white tigers in the ring with a trainer and many images of rhinos performing tricks.

How could anyone actually enjoy this? How can’t the audience see the abuse behind these tricks and realize that these animals deserve to be in their natural habitat?

Please SIGN & SHARE this Care2 petition advising these circuses that rhinos belong in the WILD, NOT in circuses. SIGN HERE! 

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