Signatures Needed On Young Animal Advocate’s Care2 Petition To Help Ban Veal Crates In Virginia!

While attending the Animal Rights Convention recently, WAN had the pleasure of meeting several young animal rights advocates including 12-year-old Josephine DeBellis who was attending with Animal Hero Kids.

While interviewing her, Josephine requested that WAN mention a petition that she created to ban veal crates in Virginia. The petition is directed to Rep. Barbara Comstock.

“Hi, I am Josie. I am working to ban veal crates in Virginia. Veal crates are the horrible crates male calves are kept in before slaughter. Veal crates are so small animals can’t even turn around. Calves are chained by their necks so their muscles don’t develop properly while kept in veal crates,” Josephine explained on the petition. “There is no excuse for this animal abuse. Please help me ban veal crates in Virginia by signing this petition.”

It is estimated that 700,000 veal calves are senselessly slaughtered in the United States each year. The poor innocent animals spend most of their eight-to-sixteen-week lives confined in small wooden crates or metal cages.

According to the Humane Society of the United States, veal crates have been banned in Arizona, California, Colorado, Kentucky, Maine, Michigan, Ohio and Rhode Island.

Help Josephine help the innocent victims of the veal and dairy industries. Please sign the petition to ban veal crates in Virginia HERE!

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