Signatures Needed On Petition Launched After Dog Tragically Dies When United Airlines Forces The Dog Into Overhead Bin

Earlier this week, a woman packed her bags, put her dog in a TSA-approved pet carrier, and boarded a United flight from Houston to New York with her baby and daughter.

When they landed, horrifically, the dog was dead; all because a flight attendant insisted that the pet carrier be forced into an overhead bin.

Sign this Care2 petition to help ensure a tragedy like this never happens again.

According to United’s pet policy, pets should be carried in approved carriers and stowed underneath the seat in front of the customer, never in an overhead bin where there is limited air circulation.

After the incident, United released a statement claiming to take “full responsibility” and promising to “thoroughly investigate what occurred to prevent this from ever happening again.”

Unfortunately, this isn’t United’s first animal tragedy. According to the Chicago Tribune, in 2016, United Airlines had the second most animal deaths and injuries of any U.S. airline. The airline reported nine deaths and 14 injuries; that’s a total of 23 incidents. These were the highest figures for each category among U.S. carriers.

Clearly, something is wrong with how United Airlines handles pets and an investigation is not the only thing that should be done.

United Airlines must set a stricter pet policy with clear penalties for violations, clarify those policies to all United employees, and let the public know so customers with pets can make responsible choices when choosing an airline!

Please sign this important petition HERE!

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