Signatures Needed To Ask The U.K. Government Not To Punish Good Samaritans For Saving Dogs Locked In Hot Cars

July 2019 was the hottest month ever recorded on Earth. It’s predicted that more record breaking months are ahead. Our pets are even in danger of overheating when they are left outside. But what could kill them even faster is being left in a locked car by a careless owner on a hot summers day. 

Even in cooler temperatures, leaving a dog in a car could be deadly. When it’s just (70°F/ 21°C) degrees outside, the thermostat can rocket to (90°F / 32°C) inside a vehicle. A temperature that could quickly turn fatal for our beloved pets.

Shockingly, if a good Samaritan tries to save a dog locked in a hot car, they could get in hot water. You could be subjected to an investigation for criminal damage and be prosecuted. Punishment if found guilty for trying to save a helpless animal’s life.

No one should be punished for trying to do what is right.

The safety of our pets, like the safety of our children, shouldn’t be negotiable. And no one should have to risk going to jail to save a life. The U.K. needs a law that guarantees that all citizens have the right to save an animal when it is locked in a hot car.

Please sign this Care2 petition and show your support for a national law to protect animals in hot cars in the U.K. SIGN HERE!

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