Signatures Needed To File Felony Charges of Animal Cruelty After Man Mutilated Desert Tortoise


On July 17, 2018, Phillip Peng was arrested in Pahrump, Nevada, after possessing an endangered wild desert tortoise that he had mutilated and kept on a leash.

According to KTNV News, a dispatcher found the tortoise after Peng was being investigated for pointing a gun at an employee at a donut shop.

Peng had used a power drill to make 2 holes through the shell of the tortoise where he attached a metal leash. The tortoise was also found in a deep container of water when Peng was arrested and the animal was fighting to avoid drowning. Which makes it even more infuriating since tortoises don’t swim.

A herpatologists that examined the animal stated the drilling of holes into its shell would have caused extreme pain and suffering, hundreds of nerves connect to the shell. The shell had also been fractured.

The disturbing details continued by revealing that part of the nails in its feet had been worn off from it trying to escape the cable tether. Peng stated he kept the tortoise in this condition for about four years.

Peng was also charged with Assault with a Deadly Weapon after allegedly pointing a gun at someones head, False Imprisonment and Carrying a Concealed weapon without a valid permit. It is well documented that those committing animal cruelty often escalate to committing crimes against humans.

The Nye County, Nevada Sheriff arrested Peng on two counts of felony animal cruelty. Subsequently, the Nye County, Nevada District Attorney dropped one charge and only filed one misdemeanor charge of animal cruelty when the Nevada Animal Cruelty law applicable substantiates a felony charge.

Nye County Nevada District Attorney, Angela Bello and Christi Kindel, (filing Deputy) need to reconsider the charges and that the crimes committed by Peng need to be elevated to felony animal cruelty because it is, in fact, felony animal cruelty.

The crimes committed and the allegations and admissions made by Peng are torturous and outrageous.

The Nevada Desert Tortoise is a federally protected and endangered species. The only way to prevent and reduce animal cruelty is to hold the people accountable who commit these sickening crimes.

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