Signatures Needed To Prevent More Greyhounds From Being Horrifically Slaughtered In Ireland’s Racing Industry


According to the new documentary “Greyhounds, Running for Their Lives“, airing on Ireland’s RTÉ News, the greyhound racing industry has been producing thousands more puppies than it actually needs to keep the sport going. The true nightmare is what happens to the surplus puppies.

Before being selected to compete, a greyhound’s mettle is tested. If it doesn’t have what it takes, the greyhound doesn’t enter the race. If a dog is unable to race, it is of no use to the breeders.

In 2017, dog racers slaughtered nearly 6,000 greyhounds that didn’t make the cut. Greyhounds that were literally running for their lives and never got to the finish line.

This important film speaks to the tragic ways that greyhounds meet their end in the racing industry. In Ireland, it is illegal for anyone but a vet to euthanize a greyhound. Yet, one company who was charged with killing the greyhounds who didn’t win shockingly admitted to shooting them.

After the documentary aired, animal lovers from Ireland and around the world expressed their outrage at the sickening  industry practices and demanded that the government do something about it. What makes it even more disturbing is that the government, instead of being a watchdog over the industry, is actually helping to keep it afloat.

The Department of Agriculture is set to give the Irish Greyhound Board (IGB) almost $19 million this year. That’s money that will help keep this vile industry afloat and ensure that thousands of more dogs are going to be tragically killed in the racing industry.

It’s time for Ireland and every other country to stand up for greyhounds and ban this terrible sport for good.

Please sign this Care2 petition asking Ireland’s Department of Agriculture to immediately stop funding IGB and to tell their parliament to ban the sport! SIGN HERE!

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