Signatures Needed To Tell Congress That Convicted Animal Abusers Should Not Be Able To Own A Firearm


Study after study has shown that people who abuse animals are likely to progress to violence towards humans. That is especially true when it comes to the histories of mass shooters who have a much higher rate of incidents of animal cruelty.

According to one investigation which analyzed school shooters between 1988 and 2012 and their history of animal cruelty, nearly 50% of those studied had previously committed acts of animal abuse.

Domestic abusers and serial killers also display a higher incidence of animal abuse in their background.

Despite these statistics, convicted animal abusers can still purchase a gun, putting a legally acquired lethal weapon in the hands of someone who has demonstrated that they have no respect for life. This madness must end and citizens like you can help.

Sign this Care2 petition to help make our country safer by demanding that Congress pass a bill banning those convicted of violence against animals from ever owning a firearm. SIGN HERE!

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