Signatures Needed Urging Japanese Officials To Ban Wild Animal Cafes Featuring Otters & Other Wild Animals

Many cafés and bars that feature wild animals as if they were pets for visitors to play with are opening at alarming rates in Japan.

Unlike domesticated cats at cat cafes, wild animals such as hedgehogs, chinchillas, and otters have no place in a cafe or bar environment.

Otters, in particular, are social predators that are unpredictable and usually aggressive when they reach sexual maturity. Otters need a specialized diet and a stimulating environment.

Kept in small enclosures, sometimes alone, without access to food or water, exposed to loud noises and constant interaction with humans, the baby otters will not stay healthy for long.

Similar to lion petting farms in Africa, the otters will most likely be housed only while they’re young and will be disposed of once they start becoming difficult to manage.

A Care2 petition circulating now is calling for Japan to block the start of these “petting” bars and cafes immediately and fight against the wildlife trade!

“We need to stop perpetuating the irresponsible idea that wild animals exist for our entertainment and that it’s acceptable to exploit them for profit,” states the petition. “There are lots of ways for animal lovers to interact with creatures they hold dear that don’t put anyone’s safety and health at risk. These ‘petting bars’ are not one of them.”

We Agree!

Please sign the petition urging Japanese officials to ban wild animal cafes HERE!

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