Signatures Urgently Needed To Stop The Killing Of 360 Pot-Bellied Pigs In Puerto Rico That Were Displaced By Hurricane Maria!

Newly-formed animal welfare organization, Women United For Animal Welfare (WUFAW), urgently needs people to sign a petition designed to help spare the lives of an estimated 360 stray pot-bellied pigs in Puerto Rico.

According to WUFAW, the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) is planning to shoot and kill the poor animals, which were once kept as pets before being displaced by Hurricane Maria.

“By mid-September, the USDA has ‘quietly’ decided to trap all the homeless pigs in El Cano and take them to a landfill and shoot them,” the organization explained on its petition.

“We know Puerto Rico is still struggling after hurricane Maria and understand the government’s priorities need to be with the people. But, as animal advocates, it’s our job to worry about the animals,” WUFAW President and Co-Founder Valarie Ianniello told WAN. “These stray pigs need our help. Many are pregnant moms and babies. How can we turn our back on them?

We can’t!

“That is why we are requesting that the USDA allow us time to find a better solution than shooting and killing them,” continued Ianneillo. “Puerto Rico is not a third world country, but rather a commonwealth of the United States. We need to set a precedence where humane solutions are not only required but implemented.”

The USDA needs to know that the mass culling that they have planned to rid themselves of this “problem” is not only egregious, it is unacceptable!

Please sign the petition urging the USDA and the Governor of Puerto Rico to designate a piece of land to use as a sanctuary for the pigs.

Local rescue groups, along with WUFAW, can then better manage the situation by providing spay and neuter to control the population and start an adoption program locally and internationally.

Sign this critical petition HERE!

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