Sir Paul McCartney Among Animal Advocates Who Helped Save Cow’s Life After She Crossed From Bulgaria Into Serbia

It has been a stressful time for Penka, the cow, her distraught owner, and tens of thousands of animal advocates throughout the world who have been fighting to save her life after she accidentally wandered away from the Bulgarian village of Mazarachevo last month, walking out of the EU into Serbia, a non-EU member state.

According to Bulgaria has now agreed to spare five-year-old Penka’s life!

Sir Paul McCartney was among those advocating for Penka to be saved following news that plans were in the works to kill her for crossing European Union borders without the proper paperwork.

“I think it would be really nice to see this pregnant cow given a reprieve. She’s done nothing wrong,” McCartney tweeted to his 3.95 million Twitter followers. “Join us if you agree.”

McCartney then shared a link to a now-closed petition that garnered more than 30 thousand signatures and contributed to the life-saving change of plans.

As per the petition, after Penka was returned to her owner, Ivan Haralampiev, “Bulgarian officials said the animal must be put down because of strict EU rules despite being given a clean bill of health by Serbian vets.”

“We believe that Penka’s case reflects a lack of compassion on the part of EU officialdom for everyday people, such as Penka’s owner, who is absolutely distraught,” the petition continued.

Fortunately, with the help of Paul McCartney and thousands of animal advocates who used their voice for Penka, compassion, ultimately prevailed in this case!

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