Tippi Hedren’s Animal Preserve Threatened By Fire, Animals Safely Evacuated


The Santa Clarita fire has forced Tippi Hedren’s nonprofit sanctuary, The Shambala Preserve, to evacuate 340 of its more than 400 animals, including Bengal tigers and a mountain lion. Hedren founded the sanctuary in 1983 after she starred in the film Roar.

At 86, Hedren still runs the preserve, which was previously nearly destroyed in the 2009 Station Fire. She also is a friend of World Animal News, and one of the voices in the animal welfare documentary, Give Me Shelter.

Over two dozen exotic cats that have been rescued from zoos, circuses, and trophy hunters now reside at the Shambala Preserve. Hedren’s Roar Foundation operates the sanctuary and hosts several educational events throughout the year to raise awareness. In addition, the foundation pushes for legislation to protect exotic animals.

In 2009, Hedren wrote that the Shambala Preserve was well-prepared for disasters:
“The Shambala Preserve has survived fire, flood and drought, because of excellent planning developed from 37 years of experience.”

Melanie Griffith, Hedren’s daughter, made an early plea: “Please say a prayer for all residents in the path of the #SandFire. My Mom’s place Shambala is being evacuated.”

Griffith later provided an update, stating that Hedren and her animals were safe: “Mom is safe! Shambala is safe. Now sending love and thanks to all the firefighters who saved her and the cats.”

Screen Shot 2016-07-25 at 10.59.06 AMMore than 1,600 firefighters are battling the flames that threaten 1,650 mountain homes in the region, and that have blackened more than 34 square miles of brush on ridgelines near Santa Clarita.

A popular film and TV set, Sable Ranch, was also destroyed in the blaze.

Photo: Julie Ellerton

Source: Hollywood Reporter

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