Stand With Anita Krajnc Co-founder Of Toronto Pig Save!


Anita Krajnc co-founder of Toronto Pig Save has been charged with criminal mischief & interference of property, because she gave water to pigs on their way to a slaughterhouse. The pigs were starved and deprived of water for 36 hrs.

Anita is facing 6 months in jail and a $5000 fine. The trial began yesterday, Wednesday August 24th.

Please show your support for Anita and this amazing organization that bares witness to the suffering and cruelty of the meat, dairy and egg industry.

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You can also create your own “Save Group” or buy a “Compassion Is Not A Crime” t-shirt by visiting: 100% of the profits from this design will go to saving the lives of countless animals suffering and being slaughtered for the food industry.

Use #ISTANDWITHANITA and share this message on social media! Thank you for your support!

🐷Source: Toronto Pig Save

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