Stray Dog Waits Outside Hotel For 6 Months Until Fight Attendant Adopts Him!


Here is a heartwarming story of a stray dog named Rubio from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Rubio first met Olivia Sievers as she arrived at the airport in Argentina during her travels as a German flight attendant. Due to her kindness towards Rubio and her love for animals, Rubio decided to stay and wait for her for 6 months until she arrived back to Buenos Aires.

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Olivia Sievers has adopted a stray dog from Argentina after it launched a six month campaign to stick by her side 

Olivia gave Rubio food, water, and love, and from that point on, Rubio was convinced that Olivia was going to be his new mom.

She continued: “This dog really wants some friends and some attention; he’s always looking for a human.”
Rubio never left his spot at the hotel, and every time she came back to Buenos Aires, he was there to greet her.

The air stewardess documented her developing relationship with the stray dog on Facebook  

Here are some of her adorable pictures from Facebook of Rubio curled up on the mat outside of the hotel.

She shared photos of him waiting for her outside her hotel, every day and nightOlivia even arranged for him to go to a good home in Buenos Aries, but he ended up escaping and returning back to the hotel to find her.

'Today, I am once again crying out. He was so happy and we were 30 minutes together again,' she wrote alongside this aerial photo of Rubio

Olivia wrote on her Facebook: “Today, I am once again crying out. He was so happy and we were 30 minutes together again.”

After 6 months of waiting, Rubio finally found his forever home with Olivia. She decided to bring him home to Germany to live with her.

After landing in Frankfurt, Rubio was perfectly treated at Lufthansa Animal Lounge while he waited for his paperwork.

Rubio is no longer a stray and is pictured having a great time going for walks, taking trips to the lake with her other dogs, and enjoying his new found life in Germany.

The dog appears to be settling in well to his new home in Germany 

Their friendship developed after Ms Sievers gave the stray dog some attention and food  What a very happy ending for Rubio and Olivia!



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