Support The SAFE Act To Save Horses, And Potentially Human Lives, Today!

National Horse Protection Day, which fell on March 1, may have come and gone, but WAN, along with countless other animal advocates throughout the world, know that all animals, in this case horses, should be protected every day!

Your opportunity to make a difference in the lives of horses and help pass key legislation that in turn may help save human lives, is not only here now, but is urgently needed.

People are urged to join the rally and contact their legislators to help the Safeguard American Foods Exports (SAFE) Act be passed into law.

The bill, H. R. 113, which was introduced the beginning of this year by Representative Vern Buchanan (R – FL – 16), would prohibit the slaughter of horses in the United States for human consumption, as well as the export of live horses for the same purpose.

While it is unquestionably horrific and appalling that horses are so inhumanely brutalized, while being slaughtered, often subjected to multiple blows to make them remain conscious during dismemberment; there is a bigger issue that The SAFE Act would tackle.

The SAFE Act takes aim at the fact that there are currently no provisions to ensure that American horses that are sold to slaughter are free of any of the more than 50 FDA-banned substances.

This creates a serious public health risk when horsemeat is produced and distributed for human consumption, as horses are routinely given substances that could be toxic to humans including anabolic steroids, stimulants and cobra venom, as well as a host of other substances labeled “not for animals, intended for human consumption.”

Many of these substances remain in the horse’s body for a significant amount of time and can have devastating and sometimes fatal consequences, including liver cancer and liver disease, when tainted horsemeat is passed on to people for human consumption.

Please Support The SAFE Act by signing HERE! 

Source: Animal Welfare Institute
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