Surfers Rescue Family Of Beached Dolphins!


A family of dolphins became beached when they swam too close to shore at low tide.

Footage has emerged of a group of surfers jumping into action to rescue two adult dolphins and two juveniles, crying and gasping for air after they became stranded on Cartron beach, Blacksod Bay, off the northwestern Irish coast.

It is believed the dolphins spent the day catching herring in the bay before the two juveniles swam too close to shore and became beached at low tide.

The unbelievable video shows the pod of dolphins crying while stranded at low tide on the shore, unable to manoeuvre themselves back into the water.

Two male surfers in black wetsuits can been hoisting the Dolphins up and into the water on beach towels, with some intense labour and ended up saving the life of all four dolphins.

Source: Fergus Sweeney


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