TAKE ACTION!: Stop The Killing Of 200 Lions At Cecil’s Park

Bubye Valley Conservancy is Zimbabwe is considering a cull of 200 lions. This park is well-known as the park to which Cecil was lured into by American dentist and trophy hunter Walter Palmer so that he may hunt and kill him.

The park is claiming that there is an excess of lions, and that the large kill is simply to curb the population. In addition, officials of the park are claiming that the lions are attacking other animals, including antelopes.

Today, lions are classified as “vulnerable”, as numbers are feared to be as low as 20,000. These numbers are a far stretch from the decades when as many as 450,000 lions roamed our planet (1940s).

As trophy hunters continues to kill lions and other animals for their own “enjoyment” and to feed their egos, we must continue the fight in order to save these populations.

This cull is NOT necessary and puts the lion population in grave danger. Please SIGN our partner Care2’s petition urging the Bubye Valley Conservancy to STOP this cull.

Source: Care2

Photo: National Geographic

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