Tell Sonic CEO Cliff Hudson To Stop Using Chickens Tortured In Houses Of Horrors

Ask the Sonic fast food chain to commit to the same fundamental chicken welfare reforms Mercy For Animals has worked on with Burger King and Jack in the Box.

Other major food chains, including Quiznos, TGI Fridays, and Starbucks, have already publicly pledged to use only chickens raised under higher welfare standards, while Sonic still allows its suppliers to pack chickens into dark, crowded, waste-filled warehouses; grow birds so unnaturally fast that they are in constant pain; and cut open the throats of chickens while the birds are still conscious. This is animal cruelty, no company with morals should support.

One of the specific reforms is the elimination of live-shackle slaughter. This brutal process involves hanging birds upside down by their feet, dunking them in electrified water, cutting open their throats, and then immersing them in a scalding tank. Tragically, the stunning—which is intended to render the birds insensible—doesn’t always work, and the blades (and employees who act as backup, manual throat-slashers) can miss, and birds endure this entire horrific process while fully conscious, they are literally boiled alive.

Burger King, Jack and the Box, and dozens of other major food companies are requiring their suppliers to convert to controlled-atmosphere processing systems (CAS), which are widely recognized as much less cruel, by 2024. What’s really absurd is that all the way back in 2010 Sonic announced its support for CAS (“Sonic will challenge its poultry suppliers to convert to an animal welfare-friendly controlled atmosphere killing system”), yet 7+ years later the company has failed to join its competitors in setting a deadline for switching that’s still 7 years away!

Ironically, here is Sonic’s Animal Welfare Goals and Mission as stated on their website: Sonic believes that handling animals in a humane manner, and preventing neglect or abuse, is our corporate responsibility and quite simply, the right thing to do. Although Sonic is a restaurant company, and as such, does not raise, handle, own, transport or process animals, Sonic strongly supports and believes that it is our obligation to ensure that each of our suppliers meets or exceeds established government regulations and recognized industry guidelines for the humane treatment and handling of farm production animals.

Sign Mercy For Animals’ Petition & Tell Sonic CEO Cliff Hudson To Stop Using Chickens Tortured In Houses Of Horrors.

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