Tell Washington To Stop Plans To Kill An Entire Wolf Pack!

The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife plans on moving forward to kill an entire wolf pack in Ferry County, Washington. Many of the wolves they plan on killing are just pups. The poor decision by the (WDFW) comes after recent attacks on livestock.

Two members of The Profanity Peak Wolf Pack, this month have already been killed. With the discovery of more dead calves, the (WDFW) said it needed to take action.

The pack is doing what they do naturally, hunting for food. How is that cause for lethal measures to be taken?

Donny Martorello, the lead for the state’s wolf policy, said. “At that time, we said we would restart this operation if there was another wolf attack, and now we have three,” “The department is committed to wolf recovery, but we also have a shared responsibility to protect livestock from repeated depredation by wolves.”

Ranchers are required to take preventative measures to protect their livestock before the state will step in to kill predators.

Wolves were once nearly extinct in Washington. There was only one pack of wolves left in 2008. The population has grown to about 90 wolves at present day. This number is still very low compared to the population at the turn of the century.

Mortarello said that eliminating the entire pack, which consisted of at least six adults and five wolf pups, could be difficult because their natural habitat is made up of rugged terrain.

Jim Unsworth, director of the state wildlife agency, made the ridiculous statement, “Maintaining public tolerance for wolves sometimes requires lethal measures,”

World Animal News and Peace 4 Animals believes that this decision is poorly thought out and wolves should not be killed for simply “Being Wolves.” Wolves are still recovering in Washington and were on the brink of extinction in 2008. They must be protected by all measures. The solution really lies within the meat industry, who is using their precious habitat to graze cattle. If everyone adopted a plant based lifestyle, we would not be having these issues in the first place. The Profanity Peak wolf pack calls Washington their home and should be left alone without human interference.

Source & Photo Credit: Oregon Live 


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