The Mexican Supreme Court Upholds Cockfighting Ban In Veracruz; What About Bullfighting & Horse Racing?

Photos from Mexico Daily News

The Supreme Court of Justice of Mexico thankfully has upheld Veracruz State’s cockfighting ban as legal and constitutional.

The ban, which is a part of Veracruz’s Animal Protection Law, was challenged by the local cockfighting industry, claiming it violates the right of culture, the right to property, the freedom to work, and the right to equality and non-discrimination. This is completely shocking.

As per Mexico News Daily, the new ruling deemed that there were many benefits from the ban pertaining to the animals’ well-being, protecting them from physical injury, and even death.

The local Animal Protection Act reportedly also prohibits hunting and capturing wild animals, animal fights, and the inclusion of animals in circus shows.

Sadly, the law exempts bullfights, horse races, and activities related to the sport of charrería, which is a competitive event similar to the rodeo.

“Although cockfighting is the expression of a certain culture, no practice that involves the mistreatment and unnecessary suffering of animals can be considered a cultural expression protected by the [federal] constitution, The Supreme Court of Justice of Mexico ruled yesterday.

“We congratulate the Supreme Court of Justice for this landmark decision, which sets a significant precedent for animal protection in our country. There are clearly no constitutional grounds for animals to be abused for so-called ‘entertainment,’” Anton Aguilar, Humane Society International Executive Director said in a statement. “According to polls, 86% of Mexicans oppose animal spectacles, and 95% oppose animal cruelty. Without a doubt, our culture, our politics and our laws are shifting away from animal cruelty.”

Veracruz is a prominent jurisdiction for cockfighting and has been at the center of the battle against these cruel fiestas. HSI Mexico supported a veto on a rollback of the ban by the governor of Veracruz last year, and is currently lobbying in favor of a bullfighting and cockfighting ban in Mexico City.

The Supreme Court of Mexico’s decision opens the door for other states to enact similar measures against cockfighting so that we can end this cruel so-called “sport” worldwide.

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