The Scottish Labour Party Pledges To End Puppy Farming!


On Sunday, the Scottish branch of the British Labour Party launched its new animal welfare plan which included, according to an article in the Scotland’s national newspaper, The Scotsman, an animal-friendly “blueprint” of its priorities for the rest of the year.

The Evening Times

Ending puppy farming is among the issues at the top of the Scottish Labour Party’s list of priorities that also included prohibiting the use of shock collars on pets and introducing a licensing system for game bird hunting.

“This SNP Government has been in power for a decade and its record on animal welfare is dismal,” declared David Stewart, Scottish Labour’s spokesman for animal welfare who put together a comprehensive action plan that promotes animal welfare priorities in 2017. “Despite talking a good game when it suits them, once the Nationalists have charmed the support of those who stand up for animals in Scotland they forget about the issue and move on to the next target audience.

Herald Scotland

“We want animals to be treated humanely and fairly in Scotland. This isn’t just rhetoric; we believe it is the right thing to do,” he continued. “On behalf of my party, I will make sure that I prioritize ensuring all animals in Scotland have a safe habitat, that they live free from cruelty, and that their safety is protected by adequate legislative protection and enforcement.”

Strong words sending an even stronger message, thankfully, perhaps due in part to the uproar that ensued in December 2016 when plans to create Scotland’s first industrial puppy farm, which would house approximately 40 dogs, were revealed.

The Scottish SPCA was among those adamantly opposing the establishment of a licensed breeding facility in the UK.

North Edinburgh News

An inspector at the time told the Sunday Post that they would be addressing the situation as a matter of urgency.

The newly-released animal welfare plan also included pledges to end the culling of wild animals, as well as take into consideration possibilities to strengthen fox hunting laws.

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