Thousands Of Protestors Charged The Streets Of Madrid Demanding The End Of Bullfighting

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Thousands of people charged the streets of Madrid on Saturday not to run with the bulls, as they do in nearby Pamplona every July, but to advocate for them.

The impassioned group of animal rights activists marched through Spain’s capital city demanding the long overdue end to what many call “the planet’s most blatant form of animal cruelty,” The Brandon Sun reported based on an Associated Press article.

The barbaric blood “sport” of bullfighting pits, have matadors against bulls with the ultimate goal of killing the animals; preferably with a single stab through the heart.

This past weekend’s protest coincided with the “annual day of San Isidro festivities” that include the highly controversial San Isidro Bullfighting Festival. According to, the event sadly attracts some of the biggest names in bullfighting.

“It’s time for all of society to unite and say ‘enough,’” said spokesperson Laura Gonzalo who called for an immediate halt of bullfighting while animal advocates chanted “Torture is not culture” during the march.

Though confirmed as a part of Spain’s cultural heritage in 2013, protestors urged for amended legislation.


While Madrid’s Mayor Manuela Carmena has not yet banned bullfighting events, she has reportedly eliminated annual subsidies for their promotion.

As previously reported by WAN, the bullfighting tradition has drawn increasing controversy and protests around Spain in recent years, with demonstrators turning up and taking to Twitter to denounce what they feel is a brutal, anachronistic event.

Spain is one of eight countries where bullfighting is legal. Columbia, France, Portugal, Mexico, Venezuela, Peru and Ecuador also legally sanction bullfighting.

Approximately 250,000 bulls are killed each year as a result of bullfighting.

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