Three Men Illegally Transporting Buffaloes Are Beaten By Activists & Arrested In Delhi

Three men illegally transporting buffaloes in South Delhi on Saturday evening were allegedly assaulted by activists prior to being arrested by Delhi police yesterday.

“We had information regarding inhumane transportation (of the buffaloes) and followed the truck,” said Gaurav Gupta, a member of the animal welfare organization People For Animals India, headed by Union Minister Maneka Gandhi. “Then we called the police.”

PFA, which promotes vegetarianism, animal-free alternatives and works against cruelty to animals, denied it participated in the beating of the perpetrators; issuing a statement “that the 10,000-member strong group has no Delhi unit and those who were involved in the incident acted in their individual capacity.”

“PFA has been working against animal cruelty in India for a long time,” said senior police officer, Ramil Baniya. “They are not ‘gau rakshaks’ (cow protectors).”

According to NDTV, authorities reported that 14 buffaloes, crammed into a truck that reasonably holds up to six, were in route to be slaughtered from Haryana to Ghazipur Mandi in Ghaziabad.

As per a four-year-old local ordinance, “animals must be transported in vehicles proportional to their size.”

Daily Mail

Further, The Delhi Agricultural Cattle Preservation Act of 1994 imposes a ‘total’ prohibition on the slaughter of cows, calves, bulls and bullocks defined as ‘agricultural cattle’ as well as prohibits the transport, export, sale, or purchase of them for slaughter.

Though they have since been released on bail, the three men have been charged with a case of cruelty to animals, which carries up to a five-year jail term including fines.

The news outlet also pointed to recent cases of “cow vigilantism” including one last July in which “four Dalit men were stripped, tied to a car and flogged in Gujarat.”

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