Three Young Boys Stone And Kick Flamingo To Death In Czech Zoo


The beating and murder of a flamingo last Friday marks the latest on a tragically long list of recent cases of senseless and heartbreaking animal abuse, cruelty and death at zoos around the world.

What makes this story even more shocking is the age of the perpetrators.

Three boys, ages five, six and eight years old, attacked a flock of American Flamingos at Jihlava Zoo in the Czech Republic’s south-central Vysocina Region; murdering one and severely injuring another.

Sadly, the 16-year-old flamingo that died as a result of the unconscionable actions of the exceptionally young juvenile delinquents was the father to eight babies and had been a survivor of the floods at Prague Zoo in 2002. The expected life span of flamingos is 30-40 years.

According to reports, including one in The Telegraph, the boys apparently climbed over a fence and began pelting the beautiful birds with stones and wood before being caught by an electrician who stumbled upon them kicking two of the flamingos.

The adolescents, who reportedly expressed no regret for what they had done, fled the scene but were quickly apprehended by police.

Local media reported that the children refused to talk to municipal police so state officials were called in to deal with them.

Police are currently investigating the crime, which appeared to be motiveless. It has yet to be determined if the boys’ parents will have to pay for the damage but the murdered flamingo was valued at about 50,000 crowns (£1,600).

“It would be helpful for us if the visitors would pay attention to acts such as these and report them,” Richard Viduna, a zoo employee told Czech media; imploring people to help report cases of animal abuse.

The birds were described as being “terribly frightened” and staff at the zoo worry that the trauma caused by the attack could affect their breeding.

This is incredibly sad news and yet another reason why WAN does not support the captivity of wild animals in zoos or circuses. Set Them Free & Don’t Buy A Ticket.

Source: The Telegraph, Independent
Photo Credits: Independent, The Guardian

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