Tiger & Lion Settle Into Their New Home In Colorado After Being Rescued From Typhoon On The Island of Saipan

Lambert the lion and Tasha Joy the tiger, the last wild animals remaining at the former Saipan Zoo, are settling into their new home at The Wild Animal Sanctuary near Keenesburg in Colorado.

Zoo owner Frank Aldan said he had been looking for a new home for the pair of 15-year-old animals since the zoo was destroyed by Typhoon Soudelor in August of 2015. The zoo, in the commonwealth in the Western Pacific, has been closed since then.

After an exchange of communications with the non-profit sanctuary staff, Aldan said he decided to send the lion and the tiger to the 789-acre refuge which is home to more than 450 lions, tigers, bears, wolves, and other carnivores rescued from abusive situations.

Aldan acquired the lion and the tiger from the Southern Comfort Ranch in Guam. The animals were two years old when the ranch was shut down.

“I took care of them since they were little, but they now need to find a better home,” Aldan said in a statement. “The sanctuary will be that home for them.”

Staff members from The Wild Animal Sanctuary traveled six days and 13,000 miles in order to rescue the big cats which were reported to be severely malnourished, but now will be able to recover with proper nutrition and medical care.

U.S. based, Tigers In America, helped coordinate numerous parts of the rescue, as well as funded thousands of pounds of fresh food and medical care for the cats over a number of days leading up to their transport. Organization President, William Nimmo, traveled with the rescue team in order to continue coordinating logistics along the route.

The Wild Animal Sanctuary specializes in rehabilitating big cats and provides them with large scale habitats to mimic their wild homes.

Lions and Tigers can live up to 23 years in captivity, so at 15 years of age, Lambert and Tasha Joy will be able to join other Lions and Tigers at the sanctuary to roam freely during the remaining years of their lives.

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