Top 10 Pet Friendly Hotels


Each year, Americans spend around $50 billion on their pets. In the past 20 years, approximately 73 million people own pets, which essentially means that pets outnumber humans!

Taking these figures into consideration, it’s not shocking that doggie parents that vacation would like to bring their furry family members along.

Here are 10 pet-friendly hotel spots:

1. Inn by the Sea: Cape Elizabeth, ME

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This luxury beach resort makes their own natural doggie biscuits, offers pet massages, gourmet dog menus, and spectacular views on its outside patio.

2. Loews Hotels (Loews Loves Pets)

Loews Hotels are difficult to beat, as they host a “Loews Loves Pets” program. They charge a minimal fee for pets, offer them delicious dinners, and place no restrictions on them, allowing them to roam freely within their room.

3. WOOF Cottages, Nantucket, MA

These cottages are freestanding on a wharf near the sea, and allow your pup to run freely around its nature preserves! Doggie guests receive personalized dog tags, canine beds, as well as sea air!

4. Calistoga Ranch: Napa Valley, CA

This lovely getaway offers special pet beds, an in-room service pet menu, and pet-friendly wineries, including wine bottles filled with doggie treats.

5. Fairmont Scottsdale Princess: AZ

Screen Shot 2016-08-02 at 7.04.15 PMThe Fairmont’s “Paws On Board” pet program equips its rooms with a plush toy, water bowls, a “Pet in Residence” door tag. The hotel also provides grooming/sitting/walking resources so that pet owners can feel safe when leaving their pets behind while taking in the sights.

6. Park Hyatt, Washington D.C.

Dog guests at the Park Hyatt are treated as well as a President’s pooch, and also receive a copy of “First Dogs”, which tells the story of various POTUS’ furry friends. The hotel also offers Paws at the Park Happy Hours, where dogs are able to mingle with other doggie guests.

7. Hyatt Regency Lost Pines, Austin, TX

This hotel has a extensive walking and running trails, as well as golf courses, swimming pools, and hiking trails for the humans. Their pet friendly amenities will include a pet  bed, gourmet treats, as well as bowls for food and water.

8. Loews, Santa Monica, CA

Loews provides dog walking maps, as well as do not disturb signs for doggie residences. The location is very near the beaches, so the maps will provide guests with pet-friendly areas as some beaches do not permit dogs.

9. Ritz Carlton, Central Park South, NYC

This awesome location near Central Park is ideal for dogs, as the park has off-leash areas for pups in the morning, as well as fenced-in dog parks around-the-clock.

10. Topnotch, Stowe, VT

This hotel has long welcomed dogs into its four-season resort town, and has a convenient dog walking trail right outside of its front door. The concierge also offers free rides back in an SUV if you and your pup travel too far.

Source: Forbes



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