10 Amazing Volunteer Opportunities To Help Rescue Wildlife Around The World!

Here are 10 wildlife conservation projects that need you!

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Have you ever considered volunteering to help our friends in the animal kingdom? Our world and its species are constantly under threat due to causes brought about by humans, including global pollution, poaching, deforestation, and commercial development.

1. Kevin Richardson Wildlife Sanctuary: Lion And Carnivore Preservation

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Work with Kevin Richardson, known as the “Lion Whisperer”, at his sanctuary in South Africa in order to benefit lion conservation. The sanctuary’s mission is to provide a self-sustaining home to carnivores for the purpose of wild species preservation with a focus on awareness, education, and funding. Find Out How You Can Help! 

2. The Turtle Conservancy: Sea Turtles And Tortoise Protection

Screen Shot 2016-08-12 at 10.02.44 AMMore than half of the 300+ turtle species are threatened with extinction, making them among the most threatened groups of animals on the planet. Conserving species in their natural habitat and eliminating threats to that habitat is a high priority, as well as captive breeding programs created for the benefit of monitoring and restoring natural populations.

The Turtle Conservancy’s mission is to protect threatened turtles and tortoises, as well as their habitats, as it envisions a world in which these species ultimately thrive in the wild.

3. Wildlife Expedition to Kenya: Marine And Land Animal Conservation

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The Shimoni Archaepalego, a community in Kenya off the coast of the Indian Ocean, monitors the dolphin population and behaviors in the area, and need volunteers to assist. This data is beneficial in order to help communities  in the area initiate sustainable tourism practices that will protect its marine life.

Wildlife Expedition to Kenya allows volunteers to experience studies of our species from both land and sea. They will have the rare opportunity to monitor whales and dolphins, participate in educational programs centered around current and future conservation efforts, as well as study species on land that are in dire need of protection.

4. The China Conservation And Research Center For The Giant Panda: Panda Conservation

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Giant pandas are listed as endangered as there are less than 1600 living in the wild. As China’s economy continues to flourish, this species’ habitat becomes increasingly threatened, as their lands are taken over by human “progress”. Poachers also pose a serious threat.

The China Conservation And Research Center For The Giant Panda places focuses on the giant panda’s habitat protection and carries out research on the giant panda’s behavior, as well as monitors their breeding activities.

The center’s mission is also to fund rescue efforts and protection of the species. Find Out How You Can Help!

5. Project AWARE: Shark And Ocean Protection

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Our oceans will soon be void of sharks if action is not taken to create stronger finning bans.

Project AWARE is a collective voice for sharks, and has brought about more safeguards for rays and sharks threatened by trade and capture. Overfishing has driven the shark population to the brink, as some populations are down by 80%.

Project AWARE Foundation is a growing movement of scuba divers on a mission to protect our oceans – one dive at a time. These divers are true leaders in ocean protection, and number in the millions across the globe as they focus on sharks in peril, as well as the elimination of trash in our oceans.

6. Bunac: Greater Kruger National Park

Screen Shot 2016-08-12 at 10.01.02 AMA volunteer at the Balule game reserve in the Greater Kruger National Park would participate in wildlife conservation research and reserve management projects. Animal counts, data collection of bird life and reserve maintenance would also be vital projects that could be a dream come true for one who hopes to make a difference for our wildlife.

7. Wildlife Act: Saving Endangered Species 

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Wildlife ACT’s mission is the safe capture, transportation, and reintroduction of endangered species into new locations. Intensive monitoring of these animals on a daily basis are vital. The ultimate goal is to save our endangered species from extinction, therefore, anti-poaching measures and technology To achieve this goal, Wildlife ACT focuses on 3 main areas: endangered and priority species monitoring, anti-poaching measures and technology, and community education and empowerment.

8. Gibbon Conservation Center  

Screen Shot 2016-08-12 at 9.59.06 AMThe Gibbon Conservation Center was established in 1976 by Alan Richard Mootnick and houses the rarest group of apes in the Western Hemisphere. It is the only institution in the world to house and breed all four genera of gibbon, and assists with gibbon rescue programs in Thailand, Taiwan, Vietnam and Indonesia. Its mission is to promote the conservation, study and care of gibbons through public education and habitat preservation. Find Out How You Can Help!

9. Harpseals.org -Working to End the Slaughter of Harp Seals in Canada

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Harpseals.org needs you to end the seal hunt now! This year, over 66,800 seal pups were killed in Canada’s massive slaughter. The organization’s mission is to bring about a permanent end to the massacres of harp seals, and are looking to bring about a boycott of Canadian seafood in order to put pressure on the sealers (who are also fishermen) to end this once and for all.

10.  Tucker Wildlife Sanctuary:  Preservation Of Local California Wildlife

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Tucker Wildlife Sanctuary’s dual mission is to support science and environmental education, as well as act as a sanctuary for the preservation of local and native habitat and wildlife. It has been voted one of Orange County’s best birding sites, and provides students, photographers, and families with the unique opportunity to view wildlife in a natural habitat setting. Click Here To Find Out How You Can Help!

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