Tragic! Millions Of Innocent Farm Animals Are Dead In North Carolina Not Only From Hurricane Florence But From Factory Farming

While remarkable efforts to save people and pets affected by the wrath of Hurricane Florence continue, there is another group of silent and secluded victims that are experiencing tremendous suffering and unfathomable deaths by drowning in the flood waters. Tragically, these are the same innocent animals who have also spent their time alive being victimized on factory farms.

Now, with reports of millions of chickens dying and pigs being swept away by the flooding, attention is turning to the controversial topic of factory farming.

While opinions on this matter vary, WAN’s does not. Factory farming is an abhorrent practice that should have never been allowed to occur in the first place.

“Large industrial farms in North Carolina are flooded. There are nine million pigs across the state, babies living their entire lives inside giant sheds. Mothers in metal cages, unable to save themselves or their piglets. These are expendable lives to the public. Bred to be tortured, exploited, consumed — now some are dying in mass instead of in shifts after transport to the slaughterhouse,” noted a heartbreaking post which was accompanied by images taken by Steve Helber of AP on Woodstock Farm Sanctuary’s Facebook page. “We must change our relationship with nonhuman animals. We must. This flooding is a tragedy for them but we’ve made their very being born a tragedy. We are so sorry. So incredibly sorry.”

As per the News & Observer, the number of hogs and poultry killed in Hurricane Florence’s floods is already double the number of farm animal lives that were lost during Hurricane Matthew in 2016.

According to the N.C. Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, as of yesterday, an estimated 3.4 million chickens and turkeys have been killed by Hurricane Florence, and 5,500 pigs have also died as a result of the storm. The staggering numbers are expected to grow.

“While we will work hard over the next week to get our operations back on line, our primary focus will be to respond to the needs of our local communities,” Joe Sanderson, Jr., chairman and chief executive officer of Sanderson Farms, Inc., which reported losing more 1.7 million chickens so far, said in a disarming statement. “We are fortunate that Sanderson Farms sustained only minimal damage and no loss of life as a result of the storm.”

No Loss Of Life? 1.7 million of their chickens are now dead and the company experienced No Loss Of Life?

This type of arrogant attitude goes well beyond “business,” it speaks to the short-sighted mindset that must be changed once and for all.

All animals, from humans to chickens, turkeys to pigs, are sentient beings. Whenever one dies, there is a valuable and deserving life lost!

The combined loss of lives that is being experienced in North Carolina as a result of Hurricane Florence is heartbreaking. The loss of innocent animals held prisoner on factory farms for their meat and eggs to appease the appetite of some humans is equally deplorable and indefensible. Making the loss even worse is the fact that it was preventable.

Had the animals not been trapped on factory farms to begin with, this piece of Hurricane Florence’s disastorous puzzle would not even be an issue. Nor would the life-threatening aftermath that the deaths present in the form of a host of other health and environmental problems, such as, contaminated water from the waste of animals and sadly their carcasses.

WAN’s thoughts and prayers are with all of the sentient beings affected by Hurricane Florence.

May the animals that perished rest in peace at last and may their lives not be taken in vain.

It is imperative, now more than ever, that people not only understand the many tragic consequences of factory farming, but that they consider and adopt a plant-based lifestyle.

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