SanWild’s Transportation Costs For Nellie Has Been Met! Nellie & Unborn Calf Have Been Saved!

SanWild’s Goal Has Been Reached For The Extra Transportation To Save Nellie The Rhino!!!

They would like to share a heartfelt thank you to all of the generous supporters for ensuring that they reached their goal to save Nellie the Rhino and her unborn calf.

A total of $42,500 has been raised, WAN & Peace 4 Animals topped off the last amount needed which included the extra funding for transportation of Nellie who is pregnant and will soon give birth.

You have been amazing and knowing that we have once again achieved the impossible makes my heart swell with pride. It is also inspires me and give me hope that indeed collectively we can help to ensure that we do not loose rhinos in the wild.

Without your love and support we cannot achieve the successes we have had in the past. Maybe for some saving one rhino at a time is a wasteful exercise, but believe me for that one rhino, it means the world.

Lots of love thanks once again!
Louise, World Animal News, Peace 4 Animals & Katie Cleary

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