Trial Begins Today For French Animal Activists Who Secretly Filmed Undercover Footage In Pig Slaughterhouse

The trial began today for the founder of the French animal rights organization L214, Sébastien Arsac, and another member who has sadly been charged with trespassing and placing hidden cameras in the Guy Harang Aabattoir slaughterhouse in Houdan, near Paris, last December.

The two activists were arrested upon arriving to collect the cameras.

In anticipation of the trial, the non-profit organization released shocking footage last week of helpless pigs panicking, suffocating and convulsing before being stunned with carbon dioxide prior to their slaughter.

A petition was launched simultaneously calling for the end of this remarkably inhumane practice in France and protests demanding the slaughterhouses to be closed down took place over the weekend in Paris, as well as 20 other cities around the world, French news outlet RFI reported.

According to the organization, as reported by France 24, 3600 people dressed in red marched in Paris’s Place de la République; a protest L214 has organized for the past six years.


The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) reportedly  acknowledges that “the acceptability of this method on welfare grounds has been questioned” and that it may be stressful for some kinds of pigs.

Vincent Harang who runs the slaughterhouse which employs 90 people and kills an average of 2500 pigs per week, has said that its CO2 machine complies with legal requirements.

Over the past few years, L214 has released numerous videos exposing alleged cruelty in French abattoirs with the aim of demonstrating the negative impact of the consumption of animals.

Among its accomplishments, the organization’s efforts resulted in the recommendation of 65 measures including the installation of CCTV cameras, a proposal that was endorsed by France’s parliament in January. The plan is set to be launched early next year.

L214 advocates for veganism and against animal cruelty by documenting conditions of livestock farming, fishing, animal transportation and slaughter in order to fuel public debate on animal welfare. Its name comes from the French law that first acknowledged animals as beings with feelings and emotions.

The organization was originally established in France in 2008 by a group of animal activists calling for the end of cruel foie gras.

Please support L214 and make a donation to help save more animals for factory farms Here!

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