Trip Advisor Stops Selling Tickets To Khao Kheow Open Zoo In Thailand After WAN Posts A Video Of The Zoo Forcing An Elephant to Swim While Being Ridden & Prodded By A Mahout

Late last month, WAN posted a shocking video of a poor elephant that was being poked, prodded, and forced to swim by a mahout in front of a crowd of people at the Khao Kheow Open Zoo in Thailand.

WAN called out the zoo on social media for the blatant animal cruelty as well as Trip Advisor for promoting the travesty.

In the post, which went viral and attracted media attention from around the world, WAN also urged fellow animal advocates to use their voice for the voiceless and tell Trip Advisor to stop promoting the appalling spectacle.

While the zoo unfathomably claimed it was doing nothing wrong by having the elephant swim for “exercise,” Trip Advisor responded more appropriately by sharing that after reviewing the video, and most-likely the subsequent outrage that it provoked, it decided that the elephant show did, in fact, violate its animal welfare policy. The organization stated that it immediately ceased all ticket sales to the zoo.

Sadly, on the zoo’s website, they state that the elephant exhibit is “one of the most perfect as compared with the world standard.”

Clearly, the outdated zoo is not aware that the world’s standards are changing and that any exploitation of animals for so-called entertainment is nothing to be proud of.

The zoo should be ashamed!

Trip Advisor listened to us. The Khao Kheow Open Zoo should as well and stop exploiting animals.

Please consider contacting the zoo at (66) 0-3831-8444 or to let them know that we will not be silent as animals continue to be abused under their so-called care.

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