Trump Administration Denies 25 Species Protection Under The Endangered Species Act


The Trump Administration announced yesterday that 25 imperiled species do not qualify for protection under the Endangered Species Act.

The Pacific walrus, which was found to be endangered by the Obama administration due to loss of summer sea ice as a result of climate change, is among those wrongly denied protection.

“This is a truly dark day for America’s imperiled wildlife. You couldn’t ask for a clearer sign that the Trump administration puts corporate profits ahead of protecting endangered species,” said Noah Greenwald, endangered species director at the Center for Biological Diversity. “The Pacific walrus, Florida Keys mole skink, eastern boreal toad and 22 other species are now one step closer to extinction.”

Florida Keys mole skink

In addition to the species mentioned above, the Barbour’s map turtle, Bicknell’s thrush, Big Blue Springs cave crayfish, Oregon Cascades-California and Black Hills populations of the black-backed woodpecker, Great Sand Dunes tiger beetle, Kirtland’s snake, and San Felipe gambusia were all denied protection.

A number of the species, including the walrus, Florida Keys mole skink, Bicknell’s thrush, Kirtland’s snake, northern Rockies population of Fisher, Nevada springsnails and Big Blue Springs Cave crayfish, are known to be threatened by climate change as well as other factors.

Bicknell’s thrush

According to Greenwald, the Center will challenge as many of these findings as possible.

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