Two Critically Endangered Slow Lorises Rescued From The Pet Trade Have Been Set Free In Indonesian Forest!


Two critically endangered Javan slow lorises, Lilo and Jomblo, were recently released back into their natural habitat; a beautiful ending for the animals who were rescued from the ugly and illegal pet trade!

The two, who had been living with International Animal Rescue (IAR), underwent a lengthy rehabilitation at the organization’s primate center, were among a group of ten slow lorises released in the Mount Sawal Protected Forest in West Java, Indonesia, last summer.

IAR fitted them with radio collars and were able to track and monitor them to ensure that they were adapting back into their natural environment.

After seven months’ post-release monitoring, Lilo and Jumblo finally had their radio collars removed.

“The removal of Lilo’s and Jomblo’s collars marks the end of the post-monitoring process. They have adjusted beautifully to their natural environment. They have already established a stable home range and proved to be adept at finding and feeding on wild food sources.” Robithotul Huda, Program Manager of IAR Indonesia said in a statement. “Furthermore, both were also observed socializing with wild Javan slow lorises.

The fact that Lilo and Jumblo are thriving back in their natural habitat is a testament to the success of the release program for slow lorises in the Mount Sawal Protected Forest, which covers an area of 5,400 hectares and is an ideal conservation area for the reintroduction of protected primates like the Javan slow loris.

Equally important, it is also a reminder about how important it is to protect forests so animals like Lilo and Jomblo have a safe place to return, and their wild counterparts have a safe place to live.

Since 2014, 55 Javan slow lorises from the IAR center in Bogor, including those that were surrendered by local people to the BKSDA in Ciamis Regency, West Java, have been released in the Forest.

As noted by WAN’s partner, Care2, all slow lorises are suffering as a result of the illegal wildlife trade throughout their range, but the Javan slow loris has been particularly hard-hit and is now listed as Critically Endangered on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species; making each life incredibly precious.

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