Two Men Arrested In India For Attempting To Sell Pangolin; Marks 2nd Pangolin Rescued In A Week

Hindustan Times

While Saturday, February 17th, was World Pangolin Day, last week proved to be extremely busy in saving the world’s most trafficked mammal.

Police in Thane, India, apprehended two people that were attempting to sell an endangered pangolin near a temple in the Wagle Estate area of the city.

According to the Hindustan Times, 29-year-old Ashok Jadhav and 30-year-old Santosh Butala were arrested and charged under relevant sections of the Wildlife Protection Act of 1972.

While the investigation to find out who the potential buyer of the pangolin was is taking place, the pangolin has been safely handed over to the Forest department as required by wildlife laws.

This marks the second pangolin to be rescued last week.

As WAN reported on Wednesday, a live Sunda pangolin was found by a local man at Jalan Airport in Malaysia.

The good Samaritan subsequently released possession of the pangolin to the Sandakan Wildlife Department which then transferred it to the Sepilok Orang Utan Conservation Center where it will stay until being released back to its native habitat.

The eight species of pangolin, all of which are critically endangered and their numbers are dramatically declining in the wild, they include; the Chinese pangolin, Sunda pangolin, Indian pangolin, Philippine pangolin, Cape or Temminck’s Ground pangolin, White-bellied or Tree pangolin, Giant Ground pangolin, and the Black-bellied or Long-tailed pangolin

Pangolin scales are used in traditional Chinese medicine but like our fingernails are made of keratin and have no real proven health benefits. Pangolin meat is also considered by some to be a delicacy.

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