Why Would The U.S. & Other Countries Vote Against The Protection Of Elephants In Appendix 1?


Shocking News! We are Very Disappointed in the U.S. Fish And Wildlife Service, The United States, Canada, The EU, Russia, Vietnam, Japan, Tanzania, Oman and Southern African states who are some of the countries that voted against the protection of Elephants in (Appendix 1). Botswana was one of the only countries who voted for their protection at the CITES Conference taking place in South Africa this week.

The proposal to list all African Elephants in (Appendix 1) did not receive a 2 thirds majority so the proposal has been rejected.

Over 40 nations have denied elephants the highest level of protection at the Cop17 Conference in Johannesburg, South Africa.

We are appauled by this tragic decision at the CITES Conference and must work together to help protect our species at a grass roots level! Join Us!

Source: Global March For Elephants And Rhinos, Youth 4 African Wildlife, Disunity The Film, Peace 4 Animals

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