Update! Adopted Dog Reunites With His New Forever Family After Being Stolen From NJ Animal Shelter On Christmas Eve

Monmouth County SPCA

The adorable 9-year-old tawny-colored male Pomeranian that was stolen from a New Jersey animal shelter on Christmas Eve joyfully rang in the New Year with his rightful owners.

Dominique Searight, who had planned to surprise her children with the rescued dog, was joined by her 5-year-old twin daughters on Friday, December 29th, as they picked up Tub Tub, the newest member of their family, from the Monmouth County Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in Eatontown.

“A happy reunion today at the MCSPCA,” the organization shared on its Facebook page. “A grinning Tub Tub was finally able to go home with the two little girls that he chose, just before Christmas, to be his forever family.”

According to the post, the MCSPCA waived the adoption fee and sent Tub Tub home with a new bed, toys, and a basket full of treats. 

“We would like to extend heartfelt thanks to everyone who shared our posts for information on Tub Tub,” the post concluded. “His safe return was a result of our community working together to give two little girls, and one little dog, a Happy New Year. May yours be just as bright!”

At the time the dog was discovered missing, SPCA Chief and Executive Director Ross Licitra explained that the staff was busy with a shelter full of potential adopters and did not discover the dog was gone until, horrifically, shortly after Searight arrived on Sunday to take Tub Tub to his new home.

Sadly, authorities reported that 63-year-old Susan Bajew, of Neptune, a former shelter volunteer, admitted to stealing Tub Tub, and his microchip, because she did not have the money to adopt him. Fortunately, Tub Tub was found unharmed and returned to the shelter on Wednesday.

Bajew has since been charged with theft.

Amidst the happiness of how this story ended, there is a bit of sadness of the elderly woman who loved Tub Tub but made an extremely bad decision.

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