Update! License Denied For South Lakes Safari Zoo Where Seven Healthy Lion Cubs Euthanized

The South Lakes Safari Zoo’s bid to renew its license was unanimously denied by the Barrow Borough Council which held an emergency meeting this week to review inspection reports that pointed to gross misconduct and mismanagement on the zoos part.

This breaking news follows on the heels of last week’s reports of the appalling euthanasia of seven healthy five-day old lion cubs late last August at the zoo located in Cumbria, Britain.

The mandated inspection reported that 486 animals had died at the zoo in four years.

Though the owner of the tainted zoo has 28 days to appeal the ruling, animal welfare charities are adamant that the zoo should be permanently shut down.

According to a recent article in the Daily Mail, Maddie Taylor, who is the campaigns officer at the Captive Animal Protection Society, said “Our visit to the zoo combined with the zoo inspectors’ report shows high death rates of animals, animals in ill health and a lack of understanding about how to meet even the most basic needs of the animals under their care,” urging authorities to close the zoo.

Taylor, a longtime employee of the charity which campaigns for zoos to be abolished, claimed the findings were the worst they had come across in six decades.

“It’s not good enough,” continued Taylor. “The way that the Zoo Licensing Act works and the way that the inspections work isn’t looking after the welfare of the animals enough. And this is a prime example of that.”

Chris Draper, of the Born Free Foundation, also commented on the sad situation.

“The inspection reports and observations we have seen outline a host of deeply concerning problems relating to animal welfare and human safety at the zoo,” he said. “Entirely preventable animal deaths, welfare problems, failures in vet care and management issues appear to be rife at this zoo and it is clear that the current system for licensing and inspection of zoos is, in part, to blame for the ongoing problems.”

This is the same zoo where zookeeper Sarah McClay, 24, was tragically mauled to death in 2013 by a 14-year-old Sumatran tiger while she was cleaning its enclosure.

The Tiger’s life was spared at the request of Ms. McClay’s family, but he was later allegedly euthanized because of his age.

Source: BBC, Daily Mail
Photo Credits: NewsJS.com, RT.com, Telegraph

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