Update! Mysterious Hairless Bear Recovering Nicely At The Fund for Animals Wildlife Center In San Diego


A mysterious hairless animal that was found in a dumpster late last month in Butte County, California, is continuing to recover at The Fund for Animals Wildlife Center in San Diego County.

The animal has since been identified as a female bear cub.

The California black bear cub, estimated to be approximately one-year-old, was suffering from serious mange and had lost most of her fur when she originally arrived at the animal rescue group Bear League.

One week later, volunteers from California Department of Fish and Wildlife Services transported the bear to the licensed bear facility where she continues to recover.

“Our little bare-bear is doing great! She is a hearty eater, and so far has not been picky at all. She is responding well to enrichment items, and so far, has adjusted well to her new environment,” the organization originally posted on its Facebook page. “She will need to remain in the medical ward for now, where we can sanitize her room and we have the ability to keep her away from inclement weather and keep her on heat during our chilly nights.”

This week, the Fund for Animals Wildlife Center shared footage of the bear, who is now known to explore her room and select items to shred and drag into her igloo to build a nest for the night, checking out her lunch and deciding on what kind of apple she would prefer.

“Yep, she takes her apples back one at a time to her den to eat them in her nest,” stated the post.

Once fully recovered and with hair again, which could take months, the beloved bear will be released back into the wild.

Some much-needed happy news this week!

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