Update! WAN Talks With Rescue Groups Who Are In A Race Against Time To Save 458 Pot-Bellied Pigs In Kentucky; Peace 4 Animals Makes A Matching Grant To Aid In The Rescue Efforts

As reported yesterday by WAN, an emergency situation recently ensued after 458 pot-bellied pigs were seized from an overwhelmed farm owner in Kentucky.

The state responded to a plea for help; New homes must be secured for the pigs, the majority of which are in distress and malnourished with an estimated 15 that are also pregnant, by September 14th. After the deadline, any remaining pigs would be euthanized.

Today, comes news that includes a $10,000.00 matching grant from Peace 4 Animals, WAN’s non-profit organization.

“After learning about this heartbreaking situation, Peace 4 Animals was determined to help, by offering a matching grant to help rescue the pigs in need,” said Peace 4 Animals and World Animal News Founder, Katie Cleary. “These precious animals and compassionate rescuers need all of the help that they can get to ensure each of the 458 pot-bellied pigs are placed in a new forever home.”

WAN talked exclusively with representatives from several of the more than six animal rescue organizations for the latest updates in their efforts to ensure that none of the Kentucky 485 are left behind.

“We are thrilled with Peace 4 Animal’s generous offer,” Alana Rogers, a director with the Pig Advocates League, who is overseeing the monetary donations for the Kentucky 458, told WAN. “The money will be well used for everything from vetting the animals, to funding their transport, to rescues and new homes across the country.”

Rogers estimates that they have received close to $40,000.00 in donations over the last few days. That may sound like a lot, but it is not nearly enough to cover the monumental rescue and re-homing which Rogers thinks will exceed $100,000.00.

Another positive update from Rogers is that the state has now decided to extend the September 14th deadline if they believe progress is being made.

Fortunately, progress is being made, but there is a lot more to be done in the days leading up to the deadline.

Evan Costner, a director at South Carolina-based Cotton Branch Farm Animal Sanctuary, explained to WAN how the numerous organizations are working together and sharing a mountain of responsibilities.

“We have received an estimated 800 applications in the last few days from rescue organizations and individuals,” Costner told WAN, further explaining that they have started the vetting process. Some of the applications are to adopt or foster pigs, while others are offers to volunteer and help transport the animals.

Costner shared that they are also coordinating with other rescues throughout the region to establish staging locations where pigs will be temporarily held before being transferred to their final destinations.

Atti’s Acres, Red Oak Animal Rescue-ROAR, Ziggy’s Refuge Farm Sanctuary, Esther’s Army, Trew Love Rescue and Sanctuary, Changing Hearts Farm, and The Pig Preserve, are also participating in the massive rescue effort

WAN also talked to the founder of The Pig Preserve, Richard Hoyle, along with General Manager Afton Hughes. Peace 4 Animals has also supported projects for the Tennessee-based animal rescue; including sponsoring a barn, as well as, most recently, a Rescue Glide.

“While we were not physically able to send someone to the scene in Kentucky, we are there in spirit, sharing their story, and consulting with them by phone as needed,” Hoyle and Hughes told WAN sharing that they were also helping with another case in which 200 pigs were recently rescued from a breeder. “Sadly, now there are 658 rescued pigs in need of new homes.”

As for the Kentucky 458, the organizations are confident that all of the pigs will be rehomed.

The Kentucky 458 coalition shared the following ways that you can help:

ADOPT!  We need homes for as many pigs as possible! We are also looking for rescues and sanctuaries that can provide temporary holding for pigs going to homes. If you are able to help, please complete an adoption/foster application HERE

VOLUNTEER! We need help on the scene, and behind the scenes. The volunteer form can be found HERE

DRIVE TRANSPORT! Anyone willing to transport pigs, via crates or trailers, please complete our transport volunteer form HERE


They can only save those who have been vetted, spayed or neutered, and transported, all monetary donations should be sent to Pig Advocates League: Donations can be made via PayPal to palpigs@gmail.com. Please add “KY” to the note. You can also donate HERE!

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