Sign Petition Telling U.S. Congress to Follow New York State’s Lead & Make It Illegal For Animal Abusers to Work With Animals


The New York State Senate recently passed a bill to prohibit anyone convicted of animal cruelty from working with animals again.

No animal abuser would be able to work in an animal shelter, a pound or humane society. These individuals would also be prohibited from employment as an animal control officer in the state of New York. Violating the law would be a Class A misdemeanor.

The measure now moves to the New York state Assembly for debate, where it will hopefully be approved promptly.

Astonishingly, there’s currently no law preventing an animal abuser in New York or any other state from obtaining employment working with animals.

“This bill will help protect animals across New York State from abuse,” Senator Patrick Gallivan, the lead sponsor of the bill, said in a statement.  “Too often people who have been convicted of abusing animals work or obtain jobs at shelters intended to protect animals. We don’t allow child abusers to work in daycare centers and we should not permit animal abusers to hold positions in which they oversee the care of dogs, cats or other animals.”

According to the bill, abuse would include actions such as overworking an animal; torturing, beating, maiming, mutilating or killing a wild or tame animal; or depriving an animal of food and drink.

Strengthening legislation to protect animals is important because extensive research reveals a connection between animal cruelty, domestic violence, child abuse and other crimes.

Research has revealed that most people who began by abusing animals went on to later commit other crimes.

Clearly, the New York state Senate bill is a huge step forward, but it’s alarming that such a law does not exist at a national level. How can it be legal for a known animal abuser to work closely with dogs, cats, and other animals?

People are encouraged to sign a Care2 petition requesting that the United States Congress make it illegal for a person convicted of animal abuse to obtain employment working with animals HERE!

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