Urgent Help Needed! Call Now Through June 25th To Help Pass (SB1487) The Iconic African Species Protection Act & (SB1249) The California Cruelty-Free Cosmetics Act!

Californians are needed to help keep the momentum moving full speed ahead to ensure that these two critically-important bills are turned into law!

Both SB 1487, The Iconic African Species Protection Act, and SB1249, the California Cruelty-Free Cosmetics Act, have advanced to be heard and voted on next week. Please call to support the passage of the bills now through the end of the day on Monday, June 25th. Both bills will be voted on again on Tuesday, June 26th.

SB 1487 (Stern) – Iconic African Species Protection Act – Will be heard and voted on Tuesday, 6/26 in the Assembly Water, Parks & Wildlife Committee. Please call these members and ask them to vote “Yes” on (SB 1487) on Tuesday.

If you are limited for time, please call the Chair and Vice Chair at minimum.

Assembly Water, Parks, & Wildlife Committee hearing takes place on Tuesday, June 26. Please call the members below.

Edward Garcia (D), Chair 916-319-2056

James Gallagher (R), Vice Chair 916-319-2003

Frank Bigelow (R) 916-319-2005

Wendy Carrillo (D) 916-319-2051

Steven Choi (R) 916-319-2068

Kansan Chu (D) 916-319-2025

Laura Friedman (D) 916-319-2043

Todd Gloria (D) 916-319-2078

Matthew Harper (R) 916-319-2074

Ash Karla (D) 916-319-2027

Marc Levine (D) 916-319-2010

Devon Mathis (R) 916-319-2026

Blanca Rubio (D) 916-319-2048

Rudy Salas (D) 916-319-2032

Jim Wood (D) 916-319-2002

SB 1249 (Galliano) – CA Cruelty-Free Cosmetics Act – SB 1249 will be heard and voted on Tuesday, June 26th, in the Assembly Judiciary Committee. Please help us make history by calling each member of the committee urging their support for this lifesaving bill.  

When you call, please tell them Californians do not want their cosmetic products tested on animals no matter where in the world the testing takes place! And tell them to vote “Yes” on (SB 1249) on Tuesday.

If you are limited for time, please call the Chair and Vice Chair at minimum.

Mark Stone (D), Chair 916-319-2029

Jordan Cunningham (R), Vice Chair 916-319-2035

Ed Chau (D) 916-319-2049

David Chiu (D) 916-319-2017

Chris Holden (D) 916-319-2041

Ash Karla (D) 916-319-2027

Kevin Kiley (R) 916-319-2006

Brian Maienschein (R) 916-319-2077

Eloise Gomez Reyes (D) 916-319-2047

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