Urgent! Calls Needed TODAY To Prevent Life-Saving Bills From Being Vetoed! Call CA Governor Brown & Tell Him To Vote YES On (SB1487) The Iconic African Species Protection Act

SB 1487 (Stern) – Iconic African Species Protection Act

Today, Social Compassion In Legislation met with the Governor’s staff to discuss his position on SB 1487 and received word that the California Department of Fish & Wildlife is aggressively pushing for him to veto this bill! The reasons given are that the law will be costly to enforce and is preempted by federal law!

We adamantly disagree. This law would not require any new officers to enforce, but rather should be enforced in the course of officers’ current duties. The law was narrowly drafted to withstand a legal challenge on federal preemption grounds with many legal experts in the field weighing in throughout the entire drafting process.

While we understand that it would be easier for the Department of Fish & Wildlife to not have to enforce this law, these select animals are facing extinction and we must take action at all levels of government. The Federal government has abdicated its duties in implementing and enforcing the Endangered Species Act, which calls on these animals to be protected. We need all hands on deck to protect these African species!

Please call the Governor’s office and tell him that you demand California take steps to protect these species and pass SB 1487! Extinction is Forever!

Call or email the Governor and tell him “Yes on SB 1487”!

Phone: (916) 445-2841

Click HERE to contact Governor Brown:

You must click on ‘pro’ and put the drop down menu to “SB01487\Iconic African Species Protection Act”

Here is a sample support blurb:

“Dear Governor Brown,

We are now witnessing the sixth great extinction having lost 50% of the earth’s species since 1950. The current administration is eroding the Endangered Species Act in every way possible. SB 1487 is one small step that California can take to stand up for these animals and protect them while we still have time. Please sign SB 1487 and save these iconic African Species from extinction!”

AB 2362 (Rubio) – Safe Transportation of Cats & Dogs

We also met with the Governor’s staff to discuss his position on AB 2362. The Governor’s staff believe there will be concern that the bill is too broad… in that volunteers for shelters would fall under this bill while working for the benefit of the shelter.

We explained that the bill received no opposition until late in the legislative process, and in fact those opponents argued that the bill was not broad enough! Further, the standards set out in the bill are very basic and should easily be met by any volunteer working for a public shelter.

We need the Governor to hear from you. Please call or email and tell him that minimum standards for dogs and cats being transported are necessary with rising temperatures.

Call or email the Governor and tell him “Yes on AB 2362″!

Phone: (916) 445-2841

Click HERE to contact Governor Brown:

You must click on ‘pro’ and put the drop down menu to “AB02362\Safe Transportation of Dogs and Cats Act”

Here is a sample support blurb:

Dear Governor Brown,

Sadly, animals are dying due to temperature related causes in the custody of animal control agencies. As temperatures rise due to global warming, dangerously hot conditions will only get worse for these animals in transport. Please support the minimum standards for the transportation of our beloved companion animals by signing AB 2362!”

It Is Urgent That The Governor Receives Everyone’s Input NOW!

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