Urgent Call To Action To Have Violent Animal Abuser Caught On Video In Las Vegas, Arrested & Locked Away In Jail!


WAN has been alerted to an appalling video of a man brutally beating an innocent dog while making threats of violence he intends to inflict on people.

Watching the video is traumatizing. What the dog and people involved felt and are feeling is unimaginable.

What is even more unfathomable is that nearly two months after the video was filmed and then posted on Facebook, Daman Eugene Holmes, the monster behind the beating during which he forcefully and repeatedly smacks the helpless animal in the head while spewing threats of violence remains a free man.

How is that possible?

Holmes is unapologetically and unnervingly a serious threat to animals and people alike; as are the majority of abusers who start with animals before working their way to commit violence against humans.

As noted by Nevada Voters For Animals, a small but powerful non-profit based in Las Vegas, at the very least, Holmes committed Class C Felony Animal Cruelty.

While an ongoing investigation is being conducted, why has he not been arrested yet for the animal cruelty he blatantly commited?

“Holmes is a glaring example of all the LINKS between animal cruelty and other forms of violence,” longtime animal advocate Gina Greisen with Nevada Voters for Animals told WAN, further explaining the urgent need to push to ensure that Holmes is held legally accountable and put behind bars before he hurts another innocent being.

The time has come for violence against animals to be taken seriously under the law!

Nevada Voters For Animals Shares Way People Can Help:

“Please Take Action NOW by contacting our Sheriff and District Attorney regarding DAMAN EUGENE HOLMES and respectfully yet strongly urge them to swiftly protect Daman’s victims and our community from this violent animal and human abuser,” the organization posted on its Facebook page.

“Before you comment,” continued the post, “please take action, FIRST! The victims, beaten dog, and our community need ACTION – not only angry feedback on FB. Solution based comments only. We are livid and upset like everyone else, however, threatening comments aren’t helpful.”

Contact local law enforcement and let them know this behavior is unacceptable in Las Vegas…or anywhere!

  • SHERIFF LOMBARDO: Email: Sheriff@lvmpd.com or tweet @Sheriff_LVMPD @LVMPD 

  • CLARK COUNTY DISTRICT ATTORNEY STEVE WOLFSON: Request he sign A WARRANT for Daman Eugene Holmes and ensure he is charged with class C Felony Animal Cruelty in addition to other local and Federal charges he may be facing) Email: DAInfo@ClarkCountyDA.com Phone: (702) 671-2500, TWITTER: @LasVegasDA

Nevada Voters For Animals has also started a petition urging that justice be served. Please sign the petition HERE!

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