Urgent Calls & Emails Needed NOW To Help Stop Coyote Killing Contest From Taking Place This Weekend In Kingman, Arizona


This is not the first time that WAN has covered an appalling coyote killing “contest” and sadly, it may not be the last.

But this time, animal advocates have the opportunity to help try to stop it before it takes place in Kingman, Arizona, this Saturday, October 6th.

Betsy Klein, the founder of Plan B to Save Wolves has issued an urgent call to action for people to contact Kingman Mayor Monica Gates to urge her to stop this deplorable mass murder of innocent animals for the sake of so-called entertainment and human greed.

“Contact the Mayor and in your own words, RESPECTFULLY AND POLITELY, let her know blood sports have no place in an evolved society,” Klein posted on her Facebook page, “and that the overwhelming majority of people do not support the senseless killing of wildlife.”

The following are among some of the talking points that Klein suggests people refer to when appealing to the Mayor to prevent the Big O Coyote Hunt 2018 from taking place at the Castle Rock Event Center:

  • Killing contests are blood sports.

  • Killing animals for the pleasure of it is recognized by the FBI and Department of Justice as symptomatic of violent criminals.

  • These types of events are a public safety hazard as sometimes the carcasses of the killed animals are left to rot.

  • These contests are not even an acceptable way to manage populations, as per Arizona Game and Fish. AZGFD website states, “removing coyotes from one area generally results in other coyotes moving in from surrounding areas and breeding faster.”

  • Apex predators are essential to a balanced eco-system.

  • It is morally, scientifically, and ethically reprehensible to slaughter wildlife for the perverted “thrill of it.”

As per the event page, the point system is as follows: a fox is worth 1 point, coyote 2 points, bobcat 3 points, and mountain lion 4 points.

“It’s an honor system, we don’t want no freezer dogs or roadkill,” the organizers stated on the event page advising hunters that they ‘will have people at turn in who know what to look for.’ “The person with the most kills, i.e. points, wins.”

To be clear, there is no “honor” in killing innocent animals for a “sport” or “entertainment” and there are certainly no “winners” in an event such as this.

Please contact Mayor Monica Gates at (928) 753-5561 or email her at mgates@cityofkingman.gov to request she stop this travesty from taking place.

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