Urgent! Calls Needed NOW To Oppose Bills That Could Undermine Laws Regarding Puppy Mills, Factory Farming & Horse Slaughter!

Rep. Steve King (R-IA) and Rep. James Sensenbrenner (R-WI) are pushing two bills, HR 3599 and HR 2887, that present a major threat to the welfare of animals nationwide.

If passed, the measures could force states and localities to allow the sale of dangerous and inhumanely-produced products and, in turn, undermine many critical hard-earned anti-cruelty laws regarding puppy mills, factory farms, horse slaughter, dog meat, and more.


As noted by the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), these bills pose extreme and tangible threats to animals throughout the country:

  • California could be forced to allow the sale of foie gras, a notoriously cruel “delicacy” produced by jamming a pipe down the throats of ducks and force-feeding them until their livers become enlarged and diseased despite a state law banning its sale.

  • Georgia and other states could be compelled to allow the sale of dog meat.

  • Illinois and other states could have their bans on the sale of horse meat overturned.

  • Rules in Louisiana and other states preventing the sale of abused and sick dogs from puppy mills could be wiped out.

  • Massachusetts could be forced to allow the sale of eggs from hens locked in tiny cages despite overwhelming public opposition to the sale of these products. Battery cage eggs have higher rates of salmonella, and they come from hens who are jammed in small cages.

“The federal government should not be engaged in this kind of attack on states’ rights. Rep. King has been fighting animal welfare laws at the federal level, and now he’s attacking them in the states. In short, he doesn’t want any animal welfare laws, and we cannot let him get away with it. Please raise your voice and speak out today against both the King and Sensenbrenner bills,” stated the Humane Society’s call for action.

Please make brief, polite phone calls to your Senators and U.S. Representative today. Contact information can be found HERE!

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