Urgent! Canadian Lynx Habitat To Be Auctioned Off In 2 Weeks


The Canada lynx’s future in Wyoming hangs in the balance, as its habitat on public land is scheduled for exploitation for private profit by the fossil fuel industry.

In less than 2 weeks, one of the Canada lynx’s last remaining strongholds in the United States will be placed on the auction block by the Wyoming Bureau of Land Management for fracking. This specialized creature is already listed as a Threatened Species by U.S. Fish & Wildlife Services, yet the U.S. government is ready to auction off its habitat for as little as $2 an acre.

Wealthy fossil fuel companies only have one thing in mind: profiting at any cost, including driving threatened wildlife into local extinction. Destruction of public lands and the populations of wildlife sharing those lands means nothing to these corporations, but these treasures mean everything to us.

By protecting the Canada lynx, we also protect the overall health of the flora and fauna sharing their ecosystem. The Canada lynx is responsible for managing populations of small, quickly reproducing animals, which, in turn, controls the health of old growth and new growth flora within their habitat.


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The Rainforest Action Network has teamed up with an extensive network of climate fighters and allies within the growing and powerful #KeepItInTheGround Movement. Auction after auction, the network they are a part of shows up to protest, block, delay, disrupt and cancel sales. Just last month, they were able to disrupt an auction in Reno, NV, which prevented the sales of tens-of-thousands-of-acres of desert tortoise habitat.

Hours upon hours of preparation and training go into the methods that RAN effectively uses to disrupt and cancel auctions at Bureau of Land Management offices all over the United States.

There are two choices: Stand idly by and do nothing while the U.S. Government allows private companies to frack public lands by pumping lead, uranium, mercury, formaldehyde, and hydrochloric acid into the habitat of the Canada lynx — or take a stand firmly, and support RAN’s fight to stop the August 2nd public land sale in Wyoming and allow irreplaceable wildlife, like the Canada lynx, to thrive on public lands.

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Photo Credit: CBC News



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