Urgent Coyote Rescue By The California Wildlife Center

For three days, California Wildlife Center Rescue Coordinator Jonsie Ross tracked down a young female coyote whose head was stuck in a drainage tube. She then rescued her on July 2nd.

The troubled coyote was first seen in the Winding Way/Escondido Falls neighborhood, according to local resident Lori Gray, who saw the coyote while riding her horse.

“I thought it was an anteater, it was the strangest thing. I only saw it out of the corner of my eye,” Gray said. “It spooked my horse as well. I don’t think she was able to see, eat or drink with that pipe on her head.”

 Screen Shot 2016-07-16 at 12.51.45 PM

Gray then spoke with her neighbor, Tony Barton, who then contacted the California Wildlife Center.

“Jonsie of CWC was absolutely relentless in her pursuit to help this young animal,” Barton said. “She is really an asset to this community with her passion, love and most importantly knowledge of our wild animal neighbors.”

The coyote, who is estimated to be around a year old, is currently resting and recovering comfortably at the center and will be released into the wild today.

Source: Malibu Times








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