Urgent! Direct Action Everywhere (DXE) Needs Your Help NOW To Save Baby Goat From Slaughter Yet Again!

Photo from Direct Action Everywhere

This morning, Wayne Hsiung, the founder of the high-profile animal rights network, Direct Action Everywhere (DxE), issued an urgent call to action to help save the life of a precious goat named Rain.

“I just received news that police in North Carolina have started a statewide hunt for Rain, in an effort to return him to slaughter. Rain was suffering from pneumonia when we rescued him from a goat meat farm as part of an investigation into “humane” animal agriculture,” Hsiung shared in an e-mail to WAN. “His life and story are a sore spot for an industry that makes billions of dollars from lying to the public about the actual conditions of animal slaughter. Now they’re visiting animal sanctuaries and threatening to send working mothers to prison for simply caring for a sick baby!”

Hsiung also took to the organization’s Facebook page to urge people to make the Urgent Calls Now!

“Police in North Carolina want to take a baby goat away from his family and back to slaughter! They’re threatening animal caretakers with felony charges if they don’t cooperate, and we need your help: Call the Transylvania County Sheriff’s Office (828) 884-3169 and politely ask them to call off the hunt for baby Rain!”

Last month, Hsiung was arrested in Asheville for the open rescue of Rain and charged with felony breaking and entering, felony larceny, and misdemeanor first-degree trespassing.

On Thursday, Hsiung will be in a North Carolina court for a “probable cause” hearing on the felony charges he is facing.

“I’m facing up to 39 months in prison for each charge, but that’s nothing compared to the fate that Rain will have if the police take him back to be slaughtered,” continued Hsiung, noting that animals are routinely torn to pieces alive at USDA slaughterhouses that individuals like Rain are sent to.

Hsiung is appealing to people to share the organization’s powerful video and to call the Transylvania County Sheriff’s Office at (828) 884-3169 and request that they call off the hunt for Rain, Now! 

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